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Employee Spotlight: Brooke Cote

Employee Spotlight: Brooke Cote

Name: Brooke Cote

Position: Senior Enterprise Account Executive

Translation: I help customers understand why our innovations should matter to them.

Fun Fact: I went to pre-veterinary school and traveled to Mexico to save sea turtles in college.

Hometown: Fitchburg, Mass.

Current city: Woburn, Mass.

Passions: Animals, snowboarding, and boxing.


What brought you to Elemental Machines, and why did you choose EM over all of your other options? 

I previously sold laboratory equipment for a major equipment manufacturer. While working for them, I often found myself making introductions to EM. I was putting EM technology in labs before I even worked for them. I knew Dan Petkanas, and admired his passion for Elemental. But most of all, I knew I wanted to make a difference in lab managers’ lives, and working for Elemental was the clear answer to that desire. 


How would you describe the team you work with?

Both the sales and commercial teams I work with are tireless workers, skilled communicators, and dedicated customer advocates. We are a closely knit team, almost like a family. If one of us needs help solving a problem in a lab, another will FaceTime in to see how they can help. We’re a rare group of competitive people who also care about helping each other.


What has surprised you about working for EM?

I’m surprised by how quickly our customers are adopting this new technology. It’s a testament to EM’s ease of use. Our customers understand the benefits of our solution much more quickly than other biotech tools I’ve represented. I’ve also been surprised and impressed with how carefully we consider customer feedback. Suggestions for new products and new integrations have our ear. We listen to feature request feedback and actually do something with it.


How have you grown personally or professionally as a result of your current role?

I feel that I’m growing as a leader. I’m able to bring insightful feedback to the team. I’ve also learned a lot from generous visibility into the company’s operations overall. At other companies I worked for, I never talked to the marketing people. Here, I get a front row seat into what’s happening at every level of the enterprise, down to the metrics associated with our marketing efforts.


What skills would you say contribute most to your success?

I love networking. After all, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. I manage events for Women in Pharma and Women in Bio, and others. I live in one of the world’s most important hubs for biotech, and have the privilege of setting up panels for people doing incredible things. I’ve forged connections over golf, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.


What’s been your most serendipitous customer connection?

Nordstrom Rack! I was shopping and noticed a fellow shopper wearing a mask emblazoned with a lab’s logo. I struck up a conversation, and was delighted to learn that they were already a customer. 


You obviously have lots of options available to you, and seem delighted by your role at EM. What do you think EM fits you so well?

It is profoundly rewarding to work in science. Even though I’m not personally identifying molecules and curing cancer, I get to affect the way scientists think, empowering them to optimize their research and be even more efficient. I get to strategize with them, in turn helping those who help others.


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