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Long Live Your Legacy Equipment

Long Live Your Legacy Equipment

In most every kitchen, flanked by newflangled gadgets and gobsmacking gizmos, is a tool worn by years of service. Its scratches and scrapes, displayed proudly as badges of honor for a life well-lived.


Perhaps there’s something about its weight in a hand, its stability on a counter, or its air of familiarity. For whatever reason, and despite the myriad innovations that lay claim to its demise, its favor remains.


Such is also true behind the doors of the modern lab. Perhaps it's a balance so familiar that using it feels like using nothing at all. Or a barometer as heavy as an elephant but as dependable as the morning sun.


To replace it would be akin to replacing one’s own appendage. And yet in the R&D world, favoring an old piece of equipment is a trade-off. To retain a dated instrument is to forgo the bells and whistles of a modern replacement. As the modern lab migrates to the cloud, the biggest consequence of retaining  an “oldie but a goodie” is eliminating IoT connectivity.


Or so it was. At Elemental Machines, we saw such a tradeoff as both unfortunate and unwarranted. That’s why we created an arsenal of sensors that transform legacy equipment into data-collecting devices in a flash.


Element-D features a standard digital data output that connects to the data port of OEM instruments, collecting key data from incubators, bioreactors, pH meters, and more.


Element-C uses four current loop receivers to connect legacy equipment without any data port at all.


Element-T turns existing freezers, refrigerators, and ovens into data-reporting equipment just 60 seconds after unboxing. The wireless, battery-powered sensor requires no outlet and mounts via magnet for simple installation. 


Despite their significance, we don’t actually consider these sensors our bread and butter. They’re merely aspects of the foundation on which our grander vision -- connecting the world’s labs -- is built.


Our true value lies in what happens next. Once an enterprise’s disparate assets are connected, Elemental Machines Insights gathers and interprets data throughout the lab, offering real-time insights and alerts on a streamlined dashboard.


In other words, the Elemental Machines system makes sense out of scientific data. And thanks to Elemental Machines, gathering such data no longer means waving goodbye to your trusted balance.


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