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Building a Stronger LabOps Team

Building a Stronger LabOps Team

In this episode, Pray Pokharel, Lab Resource Coordinator at Mori, talks about his role within the lab and shares some insights on operations based on his own experience. 

As lab resource coordinator, Pray makes sure that employees’ needs are met so work can happen every day. He speaks of how soft skills like customer service have proven to lend themselves in operations and make a stronger team. Pray talks about his own journey with science and what he is looking forward to professionally, discussing several options a person working in operations has to grow.

Tune in to this episode to learn from Pray what a day in his life looks like and what he has learned throughout his career in LabOps!


It’s never a boring day in the operations department.

About Pray Pokharel:

Prayush Pokharel (or Pray) currently works as the Lab Resource Coordinator at Mori. He manages laboratory administration, inventory systems, and equipment maintenance for the rapidly growing team. His previous position was at Greentown Labs where he helped startups with workflows and safety compliance and hosted community events.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Mori extracts a protein from silk and uses it in food preservation. The protein itself is food, so they are using food to save food and using food to eliminate waste in all the ways they can.
  • Soft skills like customer service and working in fast-paced environments are very valuable in operations.
  • Investors are looking at how companies operate, because if it runs well and it is compliant, then it means R&D goes faster and smoother.
  • You are most often recognized in operations when you save a lot of money.
  • Operations employees can grow in the corporate ladder, in the c-suite direction, or go towards consulting.


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