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What is it like being a LabOps Manager in the startup world?

What is it like being a LabOps Manager in the startup world?

In this episode, Larina Burke, Hyasynth Bio Laboratory Manager, talks about her role as a laboratory manager in a small company. She starts by explaining how Hyasynth Bio is the only company that engineers and ferments yeast to produce a pure CBD isolate used as an ingredient in many personal care products. As a lab manager, she has a broad spectrum of responsibilities, but she highlights leadership, relationship building, and developing communication as some of the most crucial. Larina talks about the importance of identifying challenges in your lab team and recognizing members’ strengths to promote learning and improvement. She shares how being a part of the LabOps Unite community has opened up many new opportunities and experiences, allowing her to connect and learn from fellow professionals in the field.



Managing LabOps might always look the same, but every day is an opportunity to create a new relationship.

About Larina Burke:

Larina Burke (she/her) hails from the island of Newfoundland, completing her Master’s degree at Memorial University. Having obtained industry experience while working with partners at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Larina later moved to Montreal to seek employment in the start-up sector. With a passion for cultivating new experiences and learning opportunities, Larina is excited to step out of her comfort zone and participate in the LabOPS Community. Larina is currently thriving as Hyasynth Bio’s Lab Manager, where she finds great satisfaction in supporting and positively impacting the work and efforts of the incredible team around her.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Hyasynth Bio is a sustainable biotech company that engineers and ferments yeast to produce a pure CBD isolate that’s used as an ingredient for personal care industry products.
  • Hyasynth Bio’s CBD product is naturally THC and heavy-metal-free as it’s fermented, not grown.
  • Hyasynth Bio is currently the only company that produces CBD through this process.
  • People respond to being recognized; it benefits companies and, most importantly, individuals.
  • The LabOps Unite community provides professionals a place to learn from others’ experiences and bounce ideas with them.
  • You never know where you’re going to meet influential people.


  • Connect and follow Larina Burke on LinkedIn.
  • Follow Hyasynth Bio on LinkedIn.
  • Explore the Hyasynth Bio Website.
  • Learn about the LabOps Unite Annual Leadership Conference here.

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