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Heatmaps, inline editing, mobile improvements & more!

Heatmaps, inline editing, mobile improvements & more!

Elemental Machines is happy to share the latest round of software updates, released on November 18, 2022. Based on feedback from customers, the team has made a number of improvements ranging from machine management and pause notes, along with the release of the new heatmap feature – and more!

🔥 Usage heatmaps

We interviewed a number of customers about our “Usage” app and they told us they wanted a heatmap to see when peak usage was for equipment categories and locations, filtered by specific equipment for various days and times. Users told us that they want information about ideal times to use equipment and visibility into usage patterns.

Ask and you shall receive -- the new feature is available today! Head over to the Dashboard and check it out.


Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 9.48.25 AM


✍️ Inline machine editing 

We’ve also heard frequently that managing a large number of machines is challenging. To streamline this process, we’ve added inline editing so that you can quickly modify: Equipment Category, Location, and Tags without having to open each machine’s details. This will make it much faster for users and address their frustration. To try out this feature, visit the Admin page, Machines tab:


Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 9.50.19 AM


⏸️ Automatic pause notes

Notes are now automatically created when a machine is paused and unpaused. What’s more, they also automatically appear on the chart view in the Machines Graphs tab, in the notes list in the Notes tab, in the change log in the Change Log tab, AND in generated reports! 


Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 10.15.44 AM


📝 Comprehensive release notes in “Usage” and “Calendar” apps

The “Usage” and “Calendar” apps just got an upgrade with the addition of a Support section in the top navigation of the Usage and Calendar apps. This dropdown menu includes access to a comprehensive list of release notes across software types. This closes the gap for our compliance customers who want to use Usage & Calendar with the same rigor as “Alerts & Monitoring.” Additionally, we’ve added some handy filters by app and date range to help QA/QC users navigate to specific sets of release notes.

Please note that the previously existing Release Notes section in “Alerts & Monitoring” continues to exist.


Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 9.49.05 AM


🤳 Mobile improvements

Last but not least, we’ve also made improvements to the “Usage” and “Calendar” apps navigation to make it more mobile-friendly.


Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 9.49.26 AM


If you have any more questions, please email

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